There's a new ballgame in town!! 

The Story of Continuous Improvement Systems, LLC.


After almost 20 years of working as a trusted teammate to several businesses, I, Todd Martinkovic, am back in the Technology Consulting business with a focus on Business Process Management Systems.


I still have the same mentality that made me a successful technology consultant, but now I’ve added business acumen to the skillsets.


I've been part of teams within these businesses. I've partnered with these teammates, rather than seeing them as a "customer" with me as a "supplier", and been a trusted source of business knowledge to support our end customers.


I understand Sales & Operation planning; Order Management and Fulfillment; Engineering, Configurations, and Bills of Materials; Supply Chain Management; Warranty & Service; and the Financials that encompass all the areas of a business.


I’ve also kept up on the technology trends and innovations like cloud, analytics, "X as a " services, virtualization, custom programming, website design and the changes in hardware & software, including mobile technologies.


But in the almost 20 years I've been "internal" to large and small businesses as an Information Systems Manager, I've realized that the processes the team uses to support their customers made the most difference in their success.


Just like the processes your team uses to support your customers make the most difference in your company's success!!


So, I've focused on building business operating systems that reinforce the application of these processes, and applying appropriate technology to support the use of these systems.


Along the way I've also discovered Lean methodologies by working with some of the leaders in the industry.

These experiences have imprinted a continuous improvement mindset in everything I now do.


So much so that it's the business name!


Contact me today and let's find ways to improve YOUR business!!

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